First listed on: 12 August 2018

Regional Training Officer

Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer based emergency service. SES has a wide range of roles including planning for and responding to floods, severe storms, earthquakes, tsunami, road rescue as well as search and rescue. SES also provides a support role to other emergency service agencies including Victoria Police.

SES also has a major planning role providing support and advice to Local Government in relation to the performance and exercise of their duties and responsibilities under the Emergency Management Act 1986, auditing of Municipal Emergency Management Plans and providing advice and training in emergency management to both Government and non-government organisations.

SES is a significant contributor and leader in emergency management, and continues to strive to develop and lead best practice by focusing on further developing its core business activities and strengthening its relationships/partnerships with other Emergency Management Organisations and relevant stakeholders, including Emergency Management Victoria.

VICSES is committed to being a child safe organisation. At VICSES we support the safety, participation, wellbeing and empowerment of children we seek to ensure the safety of children involved in all VICSES activities. It is the responsibility of all members to comply with the Child Safety Policy, and act in accordance with the Child Safety Code of Conduct, which are all available on the VICSES HUB.

Partner with communities, government, other agencies and business to provide timely and effective emergency management services, building community preparedness, disaster resilience and contributing to risk prevention.

Safer Communities - Together

We pride ourselves on our credibility
We are part of our community
Safety drives our decisions
Focused and adaptable
Together we are VICSES

Ensure VICSES maintains a standard of best practice by coordinating and applying contemporary vocational and education training and assessment techniques for the delivery and administration of competency based training programs to ensure volunteers are equipped for operational readiness within the Region.

Support the Region to maintain a level of Operational Readiness by monitoring specified Units' competencies on TRAIN and support Units in capability development through training delivery.

Contribute to the Region's ability to provide an appropriate response capacity by advising, coaching, supervising and monitoring Unit Trainers in the delivery of the Unit training plan, ensuring delivery adheres to VICSES OHS standards and training assessment process.

Support compliance to VICSES RTO status by participating moderation activities, quality assurance, and validation of assessment materials and identification of trends, issues and benefits.

This role requires a flexible and solution focused approach, with the ability to coordinate competing demands and to deliver outcomes within clearly defined time and resource constraints. This role also requires the ability to provide excellent customer service to our volunteers.

Whilst this is a non-operational position, this role may provide support to operational staff during major or declared operations.

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