Irrigators have been accused of stealing billions of litres of water from the Murray River system ...

Queensland's chief scientist, Professor Suzanne Miller, has been charged with fraud by the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

A firefighters’ union rep says reforms in Victoria will end the ‘warfare’ between career and volunteer fireys.

The Brisbane council says the city’s bus drivers are putting schoolchildren at risk.

The Conservation Council and One Nation have joined forces to call for a ban on fracking in WA.

Victoria is moving ahead on a conscience vote for euthanasia.

Queensland’s Mater hospital has put its name to an advertising campaign for the New Acland stage 3 mine.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has sidelined Energy Minister Mark Bailey ...

Infrastructure Tasmania has backed the State Government’s claim that it can fix TasWater’s ailing infrastructure by taking it over.

A public sector union says the SA Government’s bid to privatise its Land Titles Office puts 200 jobs at risk.

Queensland Police employees have made dozens of claims for compensation, revealed in documents released under Right to Information.

The Queensland and Federal governments are butting heads over cyclone recovery funding.

An Australian fire safety group says smaller buildings with combustible cladding could be even more vulnerable ...

Firms formerly picked to build Melbourne’s scrapped East West Link will now work on the city’s new $11 billion rail tunnel.

Queensland’s LNP has vowed to push for the promotion of coal mining and “fully resist environmental groups”.

State governments are moving towards a new clean energy target, but the Federal Government wants to take it slow.

The WA Government is weighing up the costs of overhauling its emergency management system.

Insiders have spoken out about the toxic culture within the ACT’s Bimberi youth detention centre.

The Victorian Government has received a confidential report from the United Voice union about employers pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars while workers clean schools for free.

State Water Ministers have responded to a harsh critique of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

The NSW Government says it will buy back a majority of the controversial Shenhua Watermark Coal exploration licence.

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