South Australia's subsidised home battery scheme has got off to a limping start.

The Victorian Government has announced a multi-million-dollar plan to end native logging.

South Australia is turning on its desal plant so that upstream farms can have more water.

‘Unsafe’ conditions have led paramedics to stop treating patients outside of ambulances at Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH).

With $1.5 billion spent on contractors and short-term workers last financial year, NSW may not be getting value for money.

Indigenous academics are calling for a new look at the governance and practices of mainstream environmental management.

The NSW Government has sacked its drought coordinator less than a year into the job.

A list of 444 NSW buildings potentially clad in flammable material will not be made public.

Experts say Australia should adopt pill testing, but lacks the political will to do so.

The Federal Government is unveiling a reformed $500 million drought stimulus package.

Experts are calling on the Federal Government to declare a water emergency in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Drinking water in a remote Aboriginal town in SA has run out.

Experts have issued a warning about the systems and legislation intended to keep drinking water safe.

Victoria's anti-corruption watchdog says police could still be conducting false breath tests.

The South Australian Government has pledged to “clean up” laws governing the supervision of former prisoners.

New Queensland electoral reforms will see public funding to candidates almost double after elections.

The Productivity Commission says schools should employ “mental health and wellbeing” counsellors for children.

Queensland’s Cubbie Station has opened its gates in an attempt to improve its damaged reputation.

The CEO of a Melbourne safe injecting room has been arrested on drug trafficking charges.

The federal and NSW governments have announced plans to upgrade the NSW interconnector with Queensland.

A council-funded self-generating power pod is being trialled on a cattle property in rural Queensland.

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