State governments are investing enough in renewables to render the Turnbull government’s energy policy useless.

SA Liberals have claimed victory after 16 years of Labor rule in South Australia.

New healthcare spending is expected after the SA Liberals claimed victory in the state election.

The NSW Government has laid out the state's infrastructure strategy for the next 20 years.

Some sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Western Australia, with Aboriginal communities hit particularly hard.

Dozens of brutality complaints against one Queensland police unit have been revealed.

Government businesses are taking the lead in promoting gender diversity, according to ...

VicForests has been charged over alleged illegal logging.

Reports say hackers breached the Queensland Transport Department's security network last year.

Queensland will host the construction of new defence vehicles, leading Victoria to claim it has been snubbed.

The Land and Environment court has ruled the NSW Government's land-clearing laws are invalid.

WaterNSW has announced it will prosecute five people over alleged water theft on the Barwon-Darling.

WA’s Water Corporation has welcomed its first four-legged employee.

The University of NSW's Gonski Institute is preparing to investigate some of the trickiest questions in education.

A new report suggests Victoria should burn rubbish for energy.

The Victorian Government has come up with a new workplace deal for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

Victoria Police's head of Professional Standards Command has resigned over racist and obscene online comments.

The Fair Work Commission has approved the creation of a new “super union”.

The NSW Government has been forced to correct the parliamentary record on prosecutions by WaterNSW.

The Human Rights Commission has refused to exempt the Queensland Government’s new $4.4 billion trains from disability laws.

The Federal Government is planning to buy out New South Wales and Victoria’s shares in Snowy Hydro for $6 billion.

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