The Great Barrier Reef has been valued at $56 billion.

A new report says the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is set to fail.

The Federal Government will provide over $1 billion towards Victoria's Regional Rail package.

A South Australian senator has called for immediate action to protect rural nurses.

Police have had to cancel hundreds of speeding tickets and fines after a virus ...

An unnecessary stoush is growing between the WA and federal government over the NDIS.

The WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has been slammed for leaving a mine safety levy and trust fund $10 million in debt.

South Australia’s 2017/18 budget includes new taxes on banks and foreign investors.

Negotiations continue over the Victorian Government's controversial plan to split fire services.

The SA Budget includes plans to sell the Lands Titles Office for up to $400 million.

The Queensland Government is looking at tightening the rules on how households with solar panels use and sell excess energy.

The Queensland Police Union has partnered with the Queensland Police Service to develop vital mental health strategies for officers.

The WA Government has banned uranium mining, but will allow four projects that have approval to proceed.

Advocates want to make sure funding for important telehealth services stays strong.

Questions are being raised over a deal between ActewAGL and Icon Water worth tens of millions of dollars per year.

Researchers have identified over 180 possible sites for pumped hydro energy storage across South Australia.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland has been labelled a secretive, authoritarian organisation ...

Three federal MPs have been called to court over comments they made about sentencing in terrorism cases.

The WA Government has introduced 10 days of paid domestic violence leave for the state’s 40,000 public servants.

The Queensland Government has been accused of applying a band-aid to the Great Barrier Reef.

TasWater says fatbergs are draining its finances.

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