Some Tasmanian public servants have been forced to rely on bottled water ....

SA’s corruption watchdog appears unlikely to support Nick Xenophon’s plan to pay whistleblowers.

The NT Government is offering stressed school principals $600 to ease the strain.

Conservationists say the SA Government should not allow an underground coal gasification project ...

WorkSafe Victoria says a rise in the number of fatalities at work in 2017 should prompt employers to focus more on safety.

The federal government has been petitioned by both the public and private sectors to improve access to each other’s data.

Conservationists have decried NSW’s shark nets after it was revealed they caught a number of protected species.

South Australia is planning to build the world’s largest solar thermal plant.

Official data suggests New South Wales is facing a severe shortage of nursing staff.

NT’s Government-owned power generator is broke, and may increase power prices.

Plans for savage education cuts in WA have been ditched.

TAFE SA has stopped trying to block the release of an ombudsman's investigation ...

A survey of the federal public sector has found 5 per cent have seen some kind of misconduct.

Suspended Queensland chief scientist Suzanne Miller has been charged with 31 additional fraud offences.

A leading constitutional lawyer has been appointed to lead the SA Government’s royal commission into the use of Murray-Darling Basin water.

The Northern Territory EPA has recommended the approval of a $900 million rare earths mine.

Victorian fire authorities are using virtual reality to encourage disaster preparedness.

Even without the Queensland's rejection, Adani's $1 billion NAIF loan is unlikely to be approved.

NT chief minister Adam Giles has been slammed for his lack of cooperation in an inquiry he launched.

The WA Government has outlined more public sector jobs cuts, with about 410 positions including child protection officers to go.

The WA Government has announced $64 million worth of education spending cuts.

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