Outrage is being whipped up over the Safe Schools program again.

The NT police union says the Government is dragging out enterprise bargaining to score a cheap deal.

Victorian union campaigns for higher teachers’ and nurses’ wages have been reflected in new pay stats.

Feathers have been firmly rustled by a decision not to refer to January 26 as Australia Day.

The WA Government has launched groundwater surveys in the hope of unlocking major new irrigated agriculture sites.

A review has been launched after a riot broke out in a Tasmanian prison.

The Queensland Government has been urged to improve its coal dust monitoring practices.

Port Augusta is set to host a new $650 million, 150MW solar thermal power plant.

Victorians pay an average of 21 per cent more than the cheapest price on offer for electricity and gas...

WA Health Minister Roger Cook says a new report on lead contamination at the Perth Children's Hospital shows there is still plenty of work to be done.

The Victorian Supreme Court is testing the validity of forced ‘shock therapy’ laws.

Power companies must relay costs to customers “in plain English”...

The South Australian Government is moving ahead on a $1.6 billion deal to privatise its Lands Titles Office.

A controversial bank tax proposal has passed South Australian Parliament's Lower House.

The Royal Hobart Hospital has Tasmania's largest public hospital has been stripped of its accreditation for psychiatry care training.

Victoria's regional rail service V/Line is failing to meet performance targets and has an enormous maintenance backlog.

Tasmania is looking at harsher penalties for people who assault off-duty police officers.

Footage of violence in Indigenous communities has been used in a push to expand the cashless welfare card.

A new report says Australia spends more on prisons and police than most other developed countries.

Household recycling is not happening as most people expect, and authorities are scrambling to respond.

The Victorian Government is looking for philanthropic funding for its big heart hospital plans.

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