The NSW Premier has been accused of making decisions suggested by developers against departmental advice.

Authorities are questioning the Victorian Government’s planned electric vehicle tax.

Victoria has announced a $1.6 billion package for extra disability support in public schools.

NSW utility Sydney Water has signed a new software deal to keep tabs on its $4 billion transformation.

The WA government is pushing to break down language barriers in the public sector.

The NSW Government appears to have paid over $50 million for a “worthless”, contaminated block of land.

The SA Government has agreed to an inquiry into harassment within State Parliament.

Billions of dollars will be spent on Victoria’s largest ever public housing construction blitz.

The number of political public service appointments is creeping up, according to one insider.

Police have raided union offices across Sydney, but the unions say they are missing some big issues.

New South Wales says it will maintain a $107 billion infrastructure pipeline despite record deficit.

ASIO has launched a public awareness campaign about foreign spies on social media.

The Queensland Government has added ‘hydrogen’ to the name of its energy department.

EPA Victoria’s new air quality app should be able to withstand huge bushfire traffic spikes.

NSW, Victoria and ACT will soon test a combined, decentralised contact tracing system.

The NSW Government has announced a massive energy funding package.

Health authorities want the WA Government to ban junk food ads on public transport and other government property.

The State of the Climate 2020 reports shows continued warming and an increase in extreme weather.

The Labor Party is preparing to expel more than 10 per cent of its Victorian membership.

Experts are taking aim at SA Government plans to charge electric vehicle drivers for their road use.

The South Australian Budget includes a new $100 million Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Program.

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