Residents of one Tasmanian town have been dealing with contaminated water for over eight years, and will continue to do so.

An environmental policy expert says the MDBP is failing because it ignores local views.

The Federal Government has put up $233 million for tourism and infrastructure projects across five major natural attractions.

The New Acland Coal operation is under investigation over allegations of illegal mining.

A new project will see a fleet of electric cars plugged into the power grid to help protect against blackouts and voltage fluctuations.

The NSW Government is setting itself up for a rapid transition from coal to renewables.

Queensland is trying to save money by pausing spending on IT projects.

Experts say security guards employed at hospitals may be ill-prepared to deal with Code Black situations where patients or visitors appear threatening or violent.

A new liver cancer project, first of its kind in WA, will apply the latest techniques to analyse patient tumours and test new treatments.

The Victorian Government has put up a $534 million support package for businesses in lockdown.

Relaxed laws have led to a serious rise in land clearing in NSW.

South Australian magistrate Bob Harrap has resigned following corruption charges.

Queensland’s corruption watchdog does not want itself used as a political football.

The NSW Water Minister is standing by plans that could put the state at odds with the MDBA.

Strong opposition has again been raised against a proposed coal mine expansion in NSW.

Funding has been provided for 21 new mobile phone towers in NSW regional areas.

The ALP says it would like to reduce regulations on major projects.

Hydro Tasmania's consulting business has been criticised for its actions in Africa.

Victoria’s workplace manslaughter laws have come into effect.

Former bureaucrat Adam Fennessy will be Victoria’s next public sector commissioner.

The New South Wales government is seeking feedback on its new cyber security strategy.

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