The SA Government has taken back control of the Royal Adelaide Hospital redevelopment.

South Australia is moving drivers' licences into the digital era.

The SA Government wants the state play a bigger role in the multi-billion-dollar space industry.

The Melbourne-to-Brisbane inland rail line could be built across a floodplain which, unsurprisingly, is prone to flooding.

The Victorian Government says it will lower the cap on political donations and campaign funding.

The sacking of public servants in WA has cost the state $30 million in just six months.

A coal mine in NSW is putting Sydney’s drinking water catchment at risk.

The Victorian corruption watchdog says illicit drug use is "likely" to be widespread among the state's ambulance service.

The Productivity Commission says Australia deserves its place as a global leader in water management.

Conservationists say the Federal Government is slashing protections for Australian marine parks.

New South Wales' most senior water bureaucrat has resigned ...

The SA Government is no longer sending ambulances to all crashes.

Malcolm Turnbull has told the NT Chief Minister to “pull the trigger” and remove the ban on fracking.

Victoria's public schools will allow female students to replace their dresses and skirts with shorts or pants ...

A WA business lobby says the Government's payroll tax increases will lead to the loss of 1,300 jobs.

A Tasmanian Government minister says “gay and lesbian sexual activity” will be taught in schools if the Marriage Act is changed.

September 28 is Right to Information Day (RTI Day).

A parliamentary committee has found not only should whistleblowers be protected ...

Former New South Wales Labor minister Eddie Obeid has lost an appeal against his conviction for misconduct in public office.

The United Nations says Australia has made “woefully inadequate” progress on Closing the Gap.

A new report has once again highlighted issues with the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

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