Victoria's Department of Education and Training has been convicted and fined $200,000 following the death of a seven-year-old student.

Northern Territory authorities say the healthcare sector is one of the most dangerous to work in.

Stopping the harvesting of native timbers in NSW would save taxpayers millions, research suggests.

The New South Wales government has granted State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) status to a mine plan that it has not seen.

South Australia is close to operating with no fossil fuels in its energy system.

Authorities in WA are putting together a new power station made of the various assets of over 500 consumers.

NSW teachers appear set to defy an order to scrap a planned strike.

Ambulance Victoria has promised changes after a report revealed its culture of disrespect, bullying and sexism.

There are strong calls for the WA government not to rush through its Aboriginal Cultural Heritage legislation.

The MAV is calling for more transparency in planning reforms.

NSW’s dam-building body is celebrating its first birthday.

A new analysis has again shown discretionary grants being issued to seats the Coalition wants to win.

Applications for the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program are now open.

CSIRO research has linked Australia's forest fires to climate change.

Australia's first “critical minerals hub” has been slated for the New South Wales Central West.

The Morrison Government has intervened to stop state and territory governments from cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

For the first time, NSW will soon have a female police commissioner.

Tasmania's custodial inspector has issued a report on growing prison issues.

NSW councils have secured a new agreement to reform the infrastructure contributions system.

The Queensland Government is going for utmost secrecy in the contract for its new quarantine hub.

The Federal Government is introducing its new religious discrimination bill to parliament.

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