Adani is still under investigation by the Queensland Government for ...

The aged care royal commission has begun, and families of victims are being urged to bravely speak up.

Victoria Police faked hundreds of thousands of breath tests because of a “meaningless” target, a review finds.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner is considering disciplinary action against department heads who come in over budget.

Guards have walked off the job at a WA prison, striking over staffing and safety concerns.

Water authorities are rushing to respond to mass death events in the Murray-Darling basin.

A new report questions the strength of horizontal support beams in Sydney’s Opal Tower.

Approval has been granted for an 800MW wind power project in Victoria’s Golden Plains Shire.

Kakadu National Park will receive over $200 million in federal funding after this year's federal election.

The PM has all but ruled out Commonwealth support for the Northern Territory’s severe budget issues.

The Tasmanian Health Service (THS) has been criticised for sending staff oversees to recruit new workers.

The Federal Government is moving to force local councils to hold citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day.

A Northern Territory police officer has taken his boss to court.

Four people have appeared before Victoria's anti-corruption watchdog over Labor's alleged cash-for-stacks scandal.

The NSW Government has announced a crackdown on dodgy building certifiers.

Experts fear whole populations of local native fish have been wiped out in the Lower Darling River.

The Australian Medical Association says attempts to control syphilis in remote communities have been a “total failure”.

A data breach has seen work details of 30,000 Victorian public servants stolen.

A civil lawsuit has been filed against the Northern Territory Government over its youth detention facilities.

An inquiry has found patients’ personal details have been used to steal drugs in Queensland hospitals.

NT public sector jobs could be cut in an attempt to bring the budget under control.

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