83rd WIOA Victorian Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition


24-25 November 2021 in Bendigo


The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) is pleased to bring the Annual Water Operations Conference and Exhibition to Bendigo.

The event will assist in the exchange of quality information between people undertaking operational roles in the water, wastewater, and recycled water industries.

The Conference and Exhibition provide a forum for individuals involved in the water operations to update knowledge and skills through interaction with other Water Industry employees and view and discuss the latest advances in technical equipment and systems with suppliers and trade consultants.

  • More than 20 speakers over 2 days on a range of topics relating to the water industry
  • See products and services from many of the world’s leading companies servicing the water industry
  • Ixom 2021 Best tasting tap Water in Victoria
  • Victorian Main Tapping competition
  • Listen to the experience of others through the latest operational, technical and research based through presentations
  • View and discuss the latest advances in technical equipment, products and services with suppliers and trade consultants
  • Update their knowledge and skills through interaction with fellow water industry employees
  • Make invaluable and long-term business connections and stay informed about the latest industry developments

If you are an operator, manager, engineer, consultant or professional or someone who is working in the water industry or just has an interest in water, then this is a must attend event. The exhibition is free for anyone with an interest in the water industry; such as plumbers, miners, food and beverage employees and contractors, to attend.

Gain insights in the latest technological developments at the WIOA Conferences and Exhibitions - the perfect platform to meet and liaise with leading figures in the water industry.