Advanced Life Support (ALS2) Recertification March 2024 


The Alfred, Innovation & Education Hub

75 Commercial Road
Melbourne, VIC(AUS) 3004
5 March 2024
8:00 am-6:00 pm


Note from the ARC regarding expiry:

ARC ALS Expiry is Extended for those due to expire after 1st March 2023

The result is, holders of ARC ALS2 provider certificates which are due to expire from 1st March 2023, are still eligible to undertake a one-day ALS2 recertification course after expiry. This means the original ARC ALS2 provider course you attended was on 1 March 2019 or beyond.

Course Overview

This one day internationally accredited course has been developed to standardise the teaching of cardiac arrest and resuscitation management.

The ALS2 Recertification course consists of lectures, practical workshops and cardiac arrest scenarios, providing the opportunity to practice skills and update knowledge.

Candidates Eligibility

Candidates are only eligible to attend the 1 day recertification course if they hold a valid current Australian Resuscitation Council ALS2 or Resuscitation Council (UK) ALS provider certificate. The recertification course must be completed BEFORE the candidates existing certificate expires. Recertification must be completed within 4 years of completing your last ALS2 course. If the candidate has a valid certificate at the time of booking and it expires before the course, then they will be ineligible and they will need to complete a full 2 day ALS2 course in order to recertify.

Course materials including the current edition of the ALS Manual will be sent to candidates 4 weeks prior to the course. It is expected that candidates will review this material as they will be required to complete a pre course MCQ and bring this with them on the day. Candidates are required to successfully to complete an MCQ along with a CASTEST at the end of the training day. Continual assessment will be made during the course on all areas including airway management, initial assessment and resuscitation. Candidates MUST attend the full day to be eligible to recertify.

IC's - Instructor Candidates cannot use the 1 day course to complete their teaching practice requirements. IC's cannot teach on a recertification courses. Please note: The Alfred does not provide places for IC observers at recertification and those wishing to book a IC placement should look at the ALS2 course calendar and contact the Course Co-ordinator.

On successful completion of the course the ARC will issue a plastic provider card which is valid for four years from the date of the course.

Candidates seeking to be considered for Instructor Potential must select this option at the time of booking so that the administrators may advise the convenor. Offers to undertake instructor training will be extended to those assessed during the course to have displayed the attributes of potential instructors. Qualifying as a full instructor involves completing a further instructor course and participating as an Instructor Candidate (IC) on two courses. 

This course is jointly accredited by the Resuscitation Council (UK) and the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

Please note that The Alfred ICU only offers ALS2 Recertification at this time. If you wish to attend an ALS1 course please go to the ARC website to locate a list of course providers.

For further information regarding this ALS2 Recertification course please contact ICU Events at The Alfred on (03) 9076 5404.

CPD Points

CPD points have been allocated by the below organisations.  Registrants should use the information above to apply for recognition.  Please note that you will not be granted automatic recognition, you must make a claim with your College.


  •  Lectures: Cat 2A - 1 point per hour (1Hr 15Mins)
  • Skill Station: Cat 3B- 3 points per hour (5Hrs 30Mins)
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