Tasmania’s treasurer says the state’s water body, TasWater, is missing out on millions of dollars that could be invested in infrastructure upgrades.

A new report says 60 per cent of Tasmanian nursing graduates cannot get jobs.

Victoria’s Education Department has imposed new restrictions on overseas and interstate travel for principals.

New South Wales and Victoria are close to closing a deal to form a common legal services market.

Queensland’s Courier-Mail has dug up some serious dirt on a state MP, and has now referred the allegations to police.

Researchers at the Australia New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) have opened a node to join a global network of Web Observatories.

Environmentalists say new NSW planning laws could allow mining companies to pay to damage sensitive swamps that supply Sydney's drinking water.

Goulburn-Murray Water has a new leader, and there are already calls for job cuts and reforms.

Queensland’s Industrial Relations minister has been accused of some union-linked dodginess over water meters.

The Queensland Transport Minister appears to have taken a hard line in dealing with Uber, asking the company to shut down before she would speak to them.

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