A proposal has been made that money for some of New South Wales’ wealthier councils should be re-distributed to those less fortunate.

New estimates have shown the rise of gas as a major part of the Queensland economy, and regional bodies want to make sure they see a slice of profit.

Eddie Obeid is maintaining his innocence even after the ICAC ruled his behaviour as corrupt.

Some South Australian energy customers may feel they are being rorted, with revelations of one company’s soaring profits.

Union membership is at a low point across the country, but the reason for the drop depends on who is asked.

The Federal Government is being accused of rigging the outcome in its choice of leaders for the Renewable Energy Target (RET) review.

The chief scientist in New South Wales says there should be no CSG fracking in Sydney’s water catchment area until all the risks are known.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) has given details on its change of mind to approve the Abbot Point coal terminal expansion.

As the fickle cycles of politics appear to give with one hand while taking with the other, it is difficult to tell which programs actually work.

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has warned that electricity prices will rise by 13.6 per cent in July, while the State Government moves to sell some of its energy assets.

A fight over the site for nuclear waste dumping in Australia will hit Federal Court today.

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