Drinking water has begun to flow from the new Victorian Desalination Plant through the 84 kilometre underground pipeline and into Melbourne’s Cardinia Reservoir.


“The project team has made extraordinary progress in recent months and I pay tribute to their fantastic achievement,” Theiss’ Managing Director Bruce Munro said.


The plant is now producing potable water at a third of its production capacity, with plant operator AquaSure confirming the water will meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.


"The amount of water produced will increase as commissioning continues and as full production capacity is achieved in coming months," AquaSure’s CEO Chris Herbert said.


Capable of carrying up to 150 billion litres of water annually if required, the underground pipeline will connect regional communities to drinking water from Cardinia Reservoir or the desalination plant via delivery points along the pipeline, as and when required.


The plant is expected to be fully completed later this year.