The Western Australian Government has released its Strategic Energy Initiative blueprint, setting out the state’s long-term development of the state’s energy sector.


“The Strategic Energy Initiative, Energy2031 outlines a vision and strategic directions for our energy sector that will enable affordable, secure, reliable and cleaner energy for future generations of West Australians,” State Energy Minister Peter Collier said.


“Energy2031 aims to provide industry and the community with clarity about the sector’s direction and the future framework for State Government policy.

“The Western Australian economy, including the energy sector, will continue to operate in an evolving and more globally connected environment, and the ability to adapt to these changing circumstances is paramount.

“This, coupled with the unique characteristics of our State’s energy sector, drives the need for a more strategic approach in energy policy setting.”


The strategy outlines five key pathways:

  • diverse and secure energy supply
  • pro-active energy planning
  • effective and efficient energy delivery
  • informed and responsible energy use
  • capacity building.



Copies of the Strategic Energy Initiative, Energy2031 Final Paper are available on the Department of Finance website at