Victorian public servants are seeking a six per cent annual pay rise, a substantial increase on the Baillieu government's across-the-board offer of 2.5 per cent.


The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), representing 32,000 public servants in Victoria, has indicated that in addition to the pay increase, it is seeking a 1.75% increase in annual superannuation, a 35-hour week,  six weeks annual leave, workplace child care, and 26 weeks parental leave at salary in addition to the federal government's 18-weeks paid at the national minimum wage.


The Victorian Government is currently negotiating new agreements for public servants, police, teachers and nurses.  The Victorian Police Association is seeking a 4.5% pay rise,  while Australian Education Union wants 10% a year over three years for Victoria’s 45,000 primary and secondary teachers.


The current public servants agreement expires on June 30. The Union has indicated that strike action is not out of the question if agreement is not reached. The Premier, Ted Baillieu, has stated that there will be no increases above 2.5% without productivity gains.