The Tasmanian Treasury has issued a request for tenders for a contract estimated to be worth more than $17 million a year for the supply of ICT hardward and support services for Tasmanian government agencies across the state.


The contract will also be accessible to other users including including Government Business Enterprises, Statutory Authorities, State-owned companies, Local Government, approved Government entities.


The Treasury Department said it was seeking new contractors to add to the established panel of manufacturer/reseller contractors who provide the government’s information, communication and technology hardware and support services requirements.


The term of the contract would for a two-year period commencing from the date of acceptance and concluding on 30 April 2013, with an option to extend for a further two years.


Only resellers which have established a relationship with a manufacturer are eligible. A single tenderer might be eligible to manufacture and supply as long as it could demonstrate a “physical and continuous presence” in Tasmania.


The contract is for the supply of Microsoft Windows-compatible desktop computers, laptop and tablets, peripherals and printers, maintenance services for the new hardware and the consequent reallocation and decommissioning of old equipment.


Provision of industry standard server hardware technologies, such as Windows, Linux and Sun Microsystems technologies, including servers, storage and associated services is also included in the contract.


The request for tenders closes on May 6, and a decision announced by July 1.


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