The Tasmanian Government has announced it believes it's energy market reforms will mean the recent electricity price hikes will soon be 'a thing of the past'.

Deputy Premier, Bryan Green, released details of how the State Government intends to kick-start healthy competition in the state's energy market, with an aim of delivering the lowest possible price for the consumer.

"We are opening up Tasmania's electricity market so customers can choose their own electricity retailer as part of the Government's major energy reforms," Mr Green said.

"We are progressing some of the biggest changes we have seen to our electricity industry and it's all about delivering real benefits to households and businesses."

Mr Green said the Government was on track to introduce competition from January 1 next year.

"I will be tabling legislation next month to remove Aurora's monopoly."

The sale of Aurora's customer-base is expected to begin mid-year, and will give customers a choice of retailers.

Mr Green said he expected to see electricity prices in Tasmania flatten out while continuing to rise in other States as they try to keep pace with their energy demands.