The South Australian Government has opened the final consultation phase of the planned formation of the network of marine parks around the state.


State Environment and Conservation Minister, Paul Caica, released the draft management plans and impact statements for each of the proposed 19 marine parks for public review and comment until October 22.


“About 85 per cent of marine life in southern Australian waters is found nowhere else in the world and we want to protect this for future generations,” Mr Caica said.


“These parks will help protect whales, birds, corals, sea grass, important fish breeding areas and globally-unique sea life.”


Mr Caica says the community’s strong support for national parks and reserves has translated into strong backing for the formation of marine parks.


The draft plans include protection for:


  • SOUTHERN right whale breeding ground and sea eagle nesting site, the Bunda Cliffs
  • REEF fish, Australian sea lion and New Zealand fur seal hotspot, the Pearson Island Group
  • POPULAR diving and snorkelling sites at Chinaman’s Hat, adjacent Innes National Park and at Noarlunga Reef
  • SEA LION and fur seal home Cape du Couedic, adjacent Flinders Chase National Park
  • ECO-TOURIST destination and world-renowned Great White Shark hotspot, North Neptune Island.