Queensland Police has showed off its latest robotic recruit.

The 300kg “OzBot Titan” can pull down fences, tear open doors and punch holes through walls, which the Queensland Police Service says will help save the lives of hostages and officers in the most dangerous situations.

It looks like a small tank, can travel at over 10 km/h, lift its own weight and manoeuvre over rough terrain, all while streaming vital footage and other information back to the remote operator.

The robot was developed at Deakin University.

OzBot Titan was deployed with the Special Emergency Response Team [SERT] for the first time this week during a siege in Brisbane where a man armed with a gun was holed-up in his backyard.

The ‘OzBot’ series of police robots have been under development for 15 years.

The plan is to create a network centric ecosystem, in which an operator can control one or many robots at the same time using advanced control software.  

Commissioner Ian Stewart says the Titan unit reduces the complexity of control so that operators can focus on policing objectives and strategy more efficiently.  

“In 2011, the prototype was built by specialist police and was designed to be operated remotely to simply force entry to barricaded buildings, thus protecting officers,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“The most recent, upgraded model ... has not just equipped officers to force doors and windows using a remotely controlled, steady mechanical force but has additionally provided the remote capability and size to pull victims from harm’s way.”