A former Queensland Rail (QR) board member has unleashed in her resignation letter.

Three QR executives quit after Deputy Premier Jackie Trad and Transport Minister Mark Bailey cancelled an expected $3.6 million in performance bonuses for executive staff for the 2017-18 year.

They were denied their bonuses because of ongoing problems on the QR network.

“We consider the payment of executive bonuses … would be inconsistent with community expectations,” Ms Trad and Mr Bailey wrote in a letter to then QR chairman Phillip Strachan.

Mr Strachan wrote back the next day October 3, saying many of the 384 people in line for bonuses had not done anything wrong.

“We have added new senior leadership to the team over the past 12 months, none of who were with the business when the timetable failed in 2016 and the board was looking to reward their contribution,” Mr Strachan wrote.

Former board member Sandra Birkensleigh’s resignation letter has been obtained by the ABC through a Right to Information request.

“It is unfathomable to me that those that have strived so diligently … could be so maligned and treated with distain (sic) for their dedication, commitment, vision and achievement against quite frankly all the odds,” Ms Birkensleigh said.

“Queensland Rail is the poorer for Phillip's resignation.

“You as its shareholders are now bereft of an amazing talent.

“His resignation does not serve the people of Queensland and you are responsible for that.”