Queensland's public service is nearly back to the size it was before the former LNP government’s heavy cuts.

New figures from the Public Service Commission show full-time equivalent positions grew by 1,868 in the three months from June to September 2015, leaving the total workforce at 205,216.

That figure is just 1,665 less than the 206,881 FTEs in March 2012 when the LNP came to power.

The LNP government under Campbell Newman took a hatchet to the public sector, reducing it by 15,685 to 191,196 full-time equivalents.

But the LNP had started replenishing its workforce in 2014, contributing to the 8,360 employees that were added in the first nine months of 2015, just one month of which was under LNP governance.

Some have already commented that the Queensland public service is becoming bloated under its current Labor regime, with the latest figures showing there are 2,429 more positions than planned for in the 2015-16 budget, just three months into the financial year.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the Public Service Commission figures include roughly 5,000 staff who work for TAFE, Legal Aid and other agencies that were not in the budget.

The PSC’s QPS Quarterly Workforce Profile is accessible in PDF form here