The Federal Government has announced a new freight terminal to be built in Sydney’s south-west.


Tipped to take 3,300 trucks of Sydney roads per day, the terminal is also expected to generate thousands of jobs for the region.


The Federal Government has announced its intention to call for tenders from the private sector to design, build and operate the intermodal terminal at Moorebank.


The project will see a rail link constructed from Sydney’s Port Botany to a new freight terminal and warehousing facilities.


“Moorebank is the ideal location because of its close proximity to major connecting routes such as the M5, M7 and the Southern Sydney Freight Line, and has been assessed by independent firms KPMG and Greenhill Caliburn as the most appropriate location for an intermodal terminal,” Minister for Finance and Deregulation Senator Penny Wong said.


The project is expected to generate up to 1650 full time jobs during the creation and employ a further 1,7000 peiople in the Liverpool region when the project is completed.

“Forecasts suggest the Terminal would see an injection of $135 million a year into the economy of the south-western Sydney alone,” Senator Wong said.


“The tender process will be managed by a Government Business Enterprise, to be established, and which will include an experienced private sector Board with a strong commercial focus.”


More information on the Moorebank Intermodal Project Terminal, including the KPMG and Greenhill Caliburn assessments can be accessed on the Department of Finance and Deregulation website.