The Federal Government has launched a new program to help the thousands of Australians employed in artistic or creative services.

Michael Danby, Parliamentary Secretary for the Arts, has today announced the launch of ArtsReady - a program which seeks to provide skills development and employment opportunities for the 531, 000 Australians who work in the arts and cultural sector.

In a statement today Mr Danby said: “ArtsReady is one of a suite of programs to grow career pathways and provide the investment in cultural leadership, skills and expertise needed in the 21st century... it is estimated that creativity is an important element of 3.7 million jobs.”

The potential scope for trainee opportunities is broad as creative industries are diverse. ArtsReady will reportedly provide school-based and on-the-job training and employment opportunities across the creative industries, such as in the theatre, with cultural institutions, in the performing arts, media, film or music in a variety of creative, technical, management and administration roles.

“Many young people who have a passion for the arts—and who might otherwise have dropped out of school—will have a new education focus and genuine prospects for entry into the sector and employment to assist them in meeting their own career and life goals,” said the Parliamentary Secretary for the Arts.

Information on already-established measures by the newly-formed program is available from the official website