A veteran police officer has raised bullying claims against Victoria Police.

Travis Mulder was on the Victorian police force for over twenty years, and says he feared he would be bullied due to his links to separate “civil proceedings” that were not described in court.

He says his fears came true when he was transferred to Box Hill in 2012, beginning a six-month period of consistent bullying by four officers during a six-month period.

Mr Mulder launched a WorkCover claim in 2013 for psychological injury, but alleges he was denied promotion opportunities after the claim.

In April 2014, he was sent to Box Hill again but refused the direction.

Victoria Police accepted liability for the mental health WorkCover claim, but Mr Mulder alleges the force gave him no more options to return to work, leaving him no option but to retire on medical grounds in 2016.

He says he would have accepted a move to a different station.

Mr Mulder has launched action against Victoria Police in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and Fair Work Commission, alleging breaches of the Equal Opportunity Act and unfair dismissal.

He is seeking damages for pain, suffering and stress, and apologies from four police officers and Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton.

“Victoria Police attempted to prejudice a workcover claim that I submitted in 2013 by forcing me to work at a police station (Box Hill) where I had previously had been bullied,” Mr Mulder said in court filings.

“The direction to work at the police station was in breach of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.”