The government department Fines Victoria has been slammed for errors.

Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass says complaints about Fines Victoria have been streaming in ever since the agency was established in late 2017.

The ombudsmen received 605 complaints about Fines Victoria last year, just under half the amount of complaints that its predecessor agency, Civic Compliance Victoria, received.

Complaints included people having had their licences wrongly suspended or told they were liable for fines when they had committed no offence.

One complaint came from a father receiving enforcement letters for fines incurred by his dead son, while another saw a pensioner receiving a letter of demand for $1, but being given no way to actually pay the bill.

Fines Victoria says it is addressing IT issues and delays, but Ms Glass said “it's not good enough”.

“We have pointed out that the issues are not solely caused by IT failures. Some stem from poor communication, inflexible exercise of discretion, or poor handling of complaints,” Ms Glass said.

“We continue to receive complaints, and it is too early to tell whether any improvements have had an effect.”

The full report is accessible here.