The doctors’ lobby says elective surgery waiting times are at their highest level since records began.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says 50 per cent of all patients are now waiting at least 40 days for treatment, compared with 36 days in 2013-2014 and 27 days 16 years ago.

Some of the worst of these waits were a 467-day delay for a tonsillectomy at Western Australia's Bunbury Hospital, 384 days for a knee replacement at South Australia's Flinders Medical Centre, and 353 days for a hip replacement at Goulburn Hospital in NSW.

The AMA also says about one million people in need of urgent operations are waiting longer than medically recommended.

“Compared to last year, elective surgery admissions per 1,000 population actually went backwards by 1.5 per cent nationally, and backwards in every jurisdiction bar two,” AMA president Tony Bartone told News Corp.

Health funding has become a major election issue, with both major parties issue a spree of bold promise ahead of the upcoming election.

ALP health polices are accessible here, while the LNP’s plans can be found here.