The AMA says Federal funding cuts are making it harder for hospitals to meet growing patient demand and to reach significant performance goals.

Controversial ‘call-in powers’ have been used to approve the development of a solar farm in the ACT.

The response to community fears over shark attacks in NSW has been delayed.

The Australian Public Service Commission says public sector bosses need “political nous” to get to the top.

Some remote Queensland councils are expecting a communications revolution.

Victoria’s public transport authorities have been accused of allowing trains to run over capacity, and fudging the numbers to cover it up.

The WA Government is expected to face a new Supreme Court challenge over the Roe 8 highway project.

The chance of industrial action against the water provider in far west New South Wales is rising.

The Tasmanian Government will not provide extra funding for Hydro Tasmania.

The New South Wales government is continuing to take the lead on tackling issues with the ‘collaborative economy’.

A union rally has urged Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews to stay true to his word.

A whistleblower claims Tasmania's airports do not have enough biosecurity staff to avoid the risk of an incursion.

The Northern Territory has announced a vital health service funding boost worth $149 million.

The New South Wales Government has expanded its Resources for Regions program, but local governments may not be too excited.

Parks Victoria has been cleared of claims it is polluting Melbourne’s Yarra River.

Plans to introduce fluoridate to water supplies in north West Australia have led to a backlash from residents.

Impulsive gaffes, inappropriate comments and short fuses are common among the famous and powerful, and new research suggests it could have a biological basis.

South Australia’s Liberal Opposition says wastewater is being dumped at sea to save money.

The Tasmanian government is moving to respond to a drop in energy security.

The New South Wales Opposition and Greens say 2016 is the last year to “rescue TAFE”.

Queensland's public service is nearly back to the size it was before the former LNP government’s heavy cuts.

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