Parks Victoria has been cleared of claims it is polluting Melbourne’s Yarra River.

A report recently obtained by the state Opposition revealed that hazardous and toxic chemicals like herbicides, fire-retardant foams, degreasers, detergents, poison baits and paint had been routinely washed into the Yarra from Parks Victoria’s Warrandyte operations centre.

This week, the Environment Protection Authority said it had analysed water samples from near the Warrandyte wash bay, and found they were no longer contaminated.

But it did reveal a low level of herbicide contamination in the soil near the wash area.

Parks Victoria has been ordered not to use the chemical clean-up bay.

Parks Victoria chief executive Bradley Fauteux said the agency had already adopted new waste management practices.

“We've ceased that particular practice of washing out those herbicide containers for some time now and we've ceased that state-wide,” he said.

The wash station can now be decommissioned and the contaminated soil removed, he said.

“It's something we'll seek to remediate,” Mr Fauteux said.

“We've already got trucks coming in removing sediment from that particular facility.”