The Northern Territory Police Force’s Forensic Science Branch will undergo significant upgrades due to a substantial funding increase.

Chief Minister Eva Lawler and Minister for Police Brent Potter have announced that the Forensic Science Branch will receive an additional $25 million, including $5.4 million allocated for the current year and $4.8 million annually over the next four years. 

The investment aims to enhance the branch's capabilities by hiring 12 additional staff members and upgrading resources to expedite evidence identification and improve the accuracy of investigations. 

The funding will also support an innovative partnership with Charles Darwin University (CDU). This collaboration will leverage advanced technology to solve and prevent crimes more efficiently. 

The Police Forensics team will benefit from new equipment, including a Scanning Electron Microscope and an X-ray Diffractometer, both firsts for the Northern Territory.

The Scanning Electron Microscope, capable of magnifying up to 200,000 times the human eye, will help in extracting high-quality data from minute samples. 

The X-ray Diffractometer will further aid in solving crimes through advanced testing, previously requiring interstate assistance. 

The half-million-dollar technology suite is expected to drastically reduce the time needed to resolve criminal matters, potentially preventing further crimes.

This funding boost is part of a broader $570 million investment over five years by the Lawler Government into the Northern Territory Police force. 

The investment is intended to provide an additional 200 sworn officers, 25 more emergency call takers, new vehicles, and upgraded infrastructure through a $125 million dedicated police infrastructure package.