Ann Vanstone, the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) for South Australia, has resigned, citing personal and professional reasons. 

Vanstone, who will leave in September, said she has “run out of steam” after integrity laws were weakened nearly three years ago.

The 2021 reforms, passed in less than 24 hours, significantly reduced ICAC's powers. 

Vanstone had repeatedly pointed out to governments and the oversight committee the significant problems with the revised scheme. 

She says her suggestions for modest reforms and independent reviews were ignored. 

Vanstone has told reporters that she stayed on  after the reforms expecting the identified weaknesses to be addressed. 

“That has not happened and I have no confidence that it would, even if I stayed until the end of my term,” she said. 

The commissioner criticised the reforms for “damaging” the state’s public integrity scheme and argued that the public interest is not served by narrowing the definition of corruption or isolating the commission from essential intelligence sources and the prosecution process.

Attorney-General Kyam Maher has thanked Vanstone for her service and announced the government's search for a replacement.