An inquiry will probe the use of consultants within the NSW public service.

The NSW Government has outlined a pay freeze for politicians and the public service to cover a pay rise for frontline workers.

The Victorian government is fast-tracking a planned renewable energy transmission project, alarming landholders.

The NSW government has unveiled an ambitious renewable energy plan that will need over $10 billion for new ...

A recent event brought ‘peacemakers’ from across the NT together to discuss conflict resolution.

The WA Government is launching what it says is a global best practice IP policy.

First Nations elders are calling for the release of an independent report on the reburial of Mungo Man and Mungo Lady.

The Northern Territory (NT) government's proposal to expand cotton production has sparked concern among environmentalists ...

Unions are outraged at public sector cuts in the new Victorian budget.

Controversy has emerged following plans to use River Murray water for a hydrogen power plant in SA.

The NT's ICAC has some serious concerns about public recruitment.

This week’s Victorian budget includes plans to shut down the state’s logging industry.

Businesses will have to pay higher premiums and face stricter criteria around mental health claims in reforms to Victoria’s WorkCover system.

An interim report has revealed a backlog of nearly 40,000 defects across Sydney's train network.

Some local firms want state and federal government to be bolder in their embrace of lithium.

A new report shows NSW hospitals’ struggles during surging COVID-19.

Queensland's forensic testing services are struggling to process a backlog of over 10,000 cases awaiting DNA testing, the state says.

Embattled drag performers have found safety in one of Victoria’s best known houses.

A government inquiry will be held into another mass fish death in NSW.

Victoria’s integrity agencies have been criticised in a new review.

Australia’s renewable energy leader has credited gas with making it possible.

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