Infrastructure Australia says work on the $4.5 billion Great Western Highway will be more costly than beneficial to taxpayers.

A NSW Government inquiry has found billions in “dirty cash” are funnelled into poker machines across the state.

The WA Government has put up $5.5 million to accelerate a planned Hydrogen Hub.

An official inquiry into Queensland’s state-run DNA laboratory continues.

The Queensland Government has approved development plans for an Olympic athlete’s village for the 2032 Games.

A new scheme should see landholders compensated for hosting new high-voltage powerlines.

The NSW Government is looking at changes that would make it easier for farmers to benefit from agritourism.

The NT Government has announced a new incentive to encourage teachers to move to Katherine.

The NSW Education Minister has been told “do not return to Broken Hill” until a teacher shortage is fixed.

This week’s federal budget carries over previous funding to seal one of Australia's most iconic stretches of desert road.

The return of speed camera warning signs in NSW has hit a bump.

The anti-corruption watchdog has revealed misconduct issues at Victoria Police's Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT).

WA's public sector wages dispute continues with possible strike action by nurses.

This week’s federal budget reveals dramatically different priorities on water projects to the previous government.

An audit has warned WA government departments are at risk of non-compliance with anti-money laundering ...

A retired Supreme Court judge has been tasked with a review of SafeWork NSW.

A Supreme Court challenge has been launched on the Victorian EPA's review of coal-fired power stations in Latrobe Valley.

A NSW Government report calls for changes in the use of animals in medical research.

An inquiry has heard significant claims about the culture at a scandal-plagued Queensland DNA lab.

A review claims “mistakes were made” in Australia’s COVID-19 response.

The Federal Government has pledged to put Aboriginal community-controlled health groups at the centre of health reforms.

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