First Nations communities along the Murray-Darling Basin want a new concept for water management to be put into practice.

Experts are working on ways to harvest biofuel from wastewater ponds.

Blood lead levels for Port Pirie children have hit a decade high.

The High Court has delayed the murder trial of NT police officer Zachary Rolfe.

The NSW Government says its new regulations have led to a reduction in food delivery rider injuries.

ATAGI is recommending vaccination against COVID-19 for all individuals from 12 years of age.

A new study has shown the advantages of combining green roofs with solar setups.

Over half of Australians in a recent survey support getting rid of retail cigarette sales within the decade.

The WA Government is funding new wave power studies.

Western Australia’s first locally-made satellite has been launched into space.

The Queensland Government is pushing ahead with a dedicated COVID-19 quarantine facility that the Federal Government rejected.

The NSW Government has paid external consultants over $2 million for rail strategies in the last few years.

A survey of hundreds of firefighters reveals how they deal with heat stress and fatigue.

There are strong calls this week for Tasmanian backbench MP David O’Byrne to resign over sexual assault allegations.

Charges against the former directors of a major gas company have been dropped.

Some parents have become concerned about petroleum giant Woodside’s presence in schools.

The Queensland Government has called for the construction of a new hydrogen export facility.

A new study of WA students has found an alarming rise in severe emotional distress.

Survivors of Stolen Generation policies have welcomed a $378 million redress scheme.

Border Force is celebrating a successful trial of blockchain-based cross-border document trades.

The SA Government is allocating homes to vulnerable people placed in motel accommodation ...

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