Victorian public schools are offering free pads and tampons to students.

The Closing the Gap goals have been changed.

An independent review has found many Queensland Police promotions were made through a flawed appointment process.

South Australian public hospitals have been accused of failing to deliver appropriate and acceptable care to patients with disabilities.

Experts say the Northern Territory's drinking water legislation needs an urgent overhaul.

There is an alarming inequity of Aboriginal water rights in NSW.

SA Water has been testing for COVID-19 in wastewater.

Workplace safety inspector numbers have been boosted and their powers increased in NSW.

Instead of helping with expensive renovations, the Federal Government is being urged to build social housing.

A deep investigation of Australia’s $60 billion workers’ compensation system has uncovered widespread mismanagement.

A remote patch of WA scrubland has been added to the National Heritage List in order to protect some truly ancient crystals.

New modelling of World War II typhus infections reveals how public health interventions eradicated the disease.

Australian researchers are looking at the new data required for the next age of transport.

A big energy spend is included in WA’s $2.7 billion economic stimulus.

A former Victoria Education department executive has been sentenced over a $1 million tech fraud.

The Victorian budget should return an operating deficit of $7.5 billion in the 2019-20 financial year.

Highly-trained spaniels are being used to sniff out foxes around South East Queensland’s dam catchments.

Victorian dairy farmers are flying the Eureka flag in a fight against rising water prices.

WA has seen its first ever ‘gross negligence’ verdict, the most serious offence possible under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

A federal review of Australia’s key environmental law has called for a new independent regulator to be created.

Experts say the Australia’s renewable energy transition makes economic sense.

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