The WA Government has announced a broad-ranging inquiry into the health impacts of climate change.

A new report says Australia’s gun lobby spends about as much per capita as the NRA in the United States.

The Prime Minister is sprinkling road money pledges around the country.

WA’s public sector union has welcomed the addition of new safety inspectors at WorkSafe.

Almost every public hospital in south-east Queensland is at capacity, and nurses are calling out for change.

South Australia’s public sector union says its members have secured changes to the structure of the environment department.

The MDBA says plans for governing water use across the entire Murray–Darling Basin are on the way.

A federal review has rejected “ungracious” objections to Aboriginal claims over NT river regions.

The Victorian Government has launched a new facility to save useful materials from landfill.

Adani says it is ready to dig the Carmichael mine right now.

Doctors are pushing for the creation of Australia's first domestic violence trauma recovery centre.

NSW Water Minister Niall Blair has resigned following alleged threats and aggression.

The Queensland Government has appointed the state’s first independent Work Health and Safety Prosecutor.

WA's surrogacy laws have been found to be outdated, discriminatory and need overhauling.

The WA Government has rejected guidelines from its own EPA requiring major LNG projects to be carbon neutral.

A new report calls for a Medicare-style scheme for dental care.

Bottles, cans and cardboard were strewn across the steps of the Victorian parliament this week as part of a protest over the state's recycling issues.

Taxpayers will buy millions of dollars worth of nicotine substitutes as South Australia makes its jails smoke-free.

Federal, state and local governments have come together to sign a $551 million Adelaide City Deal.

An old Toyota car plant in Victoria is being turned into a renewable energy hub to produce hydrogen fuels.

A disused mine in far north Queensland is leaching toxic water into waterways.

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