Victoria's anti-corruption watchdog says police could still be conducting false breath tests.

The Productivity Commission says schools should employ “mental health and wellbeing” counsellors for children.

New Queensland electoral reforms will see public funding to candidates almost double after elections.

The South Australian Government has pledged to “clean up” laws governing the supervision of former prisoners.

Queensland’s Cubbie Station has opened its gates in an attempt to improve its damaged reputation.

The CEO of a Melbourne safe injecting room has been arrested on drug trafficking charges.

A council-funded self-generating power pod is being trialled on a cattle property in rural Queensland.

The federal and NSW governments have announced plans to upgrade the NSW interconnector with Queensland.

A review has found the NSW senior curriculum is too dense and should focus less on the HSC.

South Australia’s sole electricity distributor has been found to have overcharged SA councils and their ratepayers by millions.

An independent inquiry into the treatment of retired racehorses and allegations of animal cruelty at abattoirs has been announced.

The ACCC has set the goalposts for its new water inquiry.

An average of 60 West Australian homes and businesses are having their electricity cut off each day.

New South Wales has brought in new initiatives to protect workers using sandstone and silica products.

Regulations aimed at ensuring the safety for remote nurses have been criticised by the very nurses they are meant to protect.

The MDBA has released images of dams being filled during a pumping embargo.

ACT public servants were hit with nearly double the amount of disciplinary sanctions in the most recent financial year.

South Australia's corruption watchdog is “very confident” there is corruption in the state's health department ...

The Federal Water Minister has announced the Native Fish Emergency Response Plan for the 2019–20 Summer ...

Dozens of South Australian buildings require urgent remedial work for flammable aluminium cladding ...

Concern has been raised about a big agricultural company’s plans to buy up groundwater.

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