Tasmania’s public sector union says the location of government departments should not be decided by politicians.

It turns out Sydney’s jokingly named Ferry McFerryface was picked by the transport minister, not the public.

The Australia Institute has warned that the right to strike is “nearly extinct”.

The Australia Institute says declining wages could be linked to a large drop in private sector EBAs.

The ACTU says Fair Work’s intervention in the Sydney train strikes shows the right to strike is “nearly dead”.

The SA Government’s policy to fine hospitals that exceed waiting time target has been criticised by the state’s mental health watchdog.

The Education Council has announced “robo-marking” will not be used to assess NAPLAN tests.

A mine rehab expert has questioned the findings of NT’s fracking review.

A new report has found most Tasmanian child protection notifications are not investigated for at least 29 days.

A VicRoads employee has been hit with corruption charges ...

The Prime Minister’s Department has been accused of neglected its Indigenous affairs duties.

A civil liberties group has questioned a youth crime program in Mount Isa.

A planned 24-hour rail strike will not go ahead, after the Fair Work Commission ...

An expert has warned the legal battle over the Basslink power cable failure could last several years.

The Federal Court has dismissed an appeal by SA Power Networks (SAPN) to recover an additional $250 million in revenue.

NSW government authorities have approved a contentious coal mine, despite a “guarantee” against coal mining in the region.

The NT Government is offering stressed school principals $600 to ease the strain.

Conservationists say the SA Government should not allow an underground coal gasification project ...

WorkSafe Victoria says a rise in the number of fatalities at work in 2017 should prompt employers to focus more on safety.

Some Tasmanian public servants have been forced to rely on bottled water ....

SA’s corruption watchdog appears unlikely to support Nick Xenophon’s plan to pay whistleblowers.

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