Gina Rinehart’s proposed 30-million-tonne Alpha coal mine is storming ahead after clearing its latest legal hurdle.

Pricey private schools are receiving several times more taxpayer funding than they are entitled to ...

Tasmanian councils will soon get access to interest-free loans in a $100 million stimulus package.

The NSW Government has committed to a multi-million-dollar upgrade the ageing water supply for the town of White Cliffs.

WA’s Water Corporation has poured $362 million into the cash-strapped Barnett Government’s coffers.

Failed resources company Linc Energy has paid the Queensland Government $3.6 million for rehabilitation efforts.

Reports say one in four workers at WA’s DAA have witnessed bullying and other unprofessional conduct ...

Energy reformers say the regulator has missed a great opportunity ...

A leading global health figure says that to fix the gaps in our medical system, we must close the larger gaps in society.

Local bidders have made an unsolicited offer for a 99-year lease on Ausgrid.

There have been some positive reports from trials of a new mobile ECG system in outback NSW.

State governments have been pulled into an overhaul of the Gonski school funding model.

The Indigenous Affairs Minister has met with unhappy Indigenous ...

The Federal Government may change its foreign investment guidelines to appease angry investors.

A leaked letter suggests Western Australia would be hit hard by plans to scale-down the Perth Freight Link.

The Victorian Government has announced the sale of the Port of Melbourne for $9.7 billion.

South Australian authorities are interested in a giant underground facility being dug in Finland.

Siemens is recalling cytomegalovirus (CMV) screening kits...

The New South Wales Health Minister has responded to a snapshot of the state’s diet and exercise issues.

Northern Territory teachers reportedly face hundreds of assaults each year.

Corruption complaints against Queensland Police have increased.

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