Debate over the future of remote communities in WA drags on.

A generous new industrial relations bill has passed Queensland Parliament.

Victoria has put up $500 million for 450 new paramedics and a raft of other improvements.

Authorities have freed a dolphin that learned how to feed from Queensland’s floating drum lines.

A survey of farmers has found many are concerned about looming threats, but feel unrepresented.

SA’s Natural Resources Committee says there should be no unconventional gas work without a social licence.

Six executives at a Queensland Government-owned power company have been criticised for accepting bonuses while subcontractors go unpaid.

The Australian Energy Council has warned South Australia about the risks of solar power.

Authorities say revenue from oil and gas production has fallen “far behind” in capturing the benefits of the LNG boom.

Experts say Australia’s climate change response could depend on planning.

Doctors say money paid for patients who leave the ER could be better spent elsewhere.

Planners say the future of Western Sydney hinges on an “aerotropolis” growing around the Western Sydney Airport.

Tasmanian politicians and government employees will soon follow new rules about gifts and benefits.

Local governments say schools in Adelaide’s north are full.

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has put up its plans for changes to the Basin Plan.

Fluoride will be an election issue in the upcoming WA poll.

Victoria has introduced legislation to permanently ban fracking.

The NT Labor Government has scrapped open speed roads, imposing a 130km/hr limit in the name of safety.

Concerns have been raised about the high rate of forced ECT and low legal representation of mental health patients.

Nurses are the most likely health professionals to die from deliberate overdose.

SA’s Treasurer says a “silent majority” want the state’s nuclear waste dump ...

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