Victoria has excommunicated religion from its schools, banning church groups from holding prayer meetings, handing out sacred texts or other on-campus expanding of the flock.

There are concerns this week that the Royal Commission into unions is heaping more work onto public servants.

The Victorian Local Government Association wants to know the result of inquiries into local government elections.

The media has been banned from reporting on a case that the fugitive Julian Assange calls “an embarrassing corruption scandal involving the Australian government”.

A Queensland Court of Appeal judge has attacked the new Chief Justice in an email to former classmates.

Researchers have peered into the future of the Northern Territory, mapping population growth to indentify the emerging issues of tomorrow.

Queensland councils must diversify to generate growth, according to research and the state’s Premier.

The Tasmanian Opposition says it must rebuild after its decimation in the March election, if it is to go in to bat for public servants.

The South Australian Government has introduced a water licensing policy years in the making, but some forestry bodies have taken shots at it already.

Residents have kept up pressure for the ACT Government to enhance its response to the deadly legacy of loose-fill asbestos insulation.

The Transport Workers Union may have been caught in a power-grabbing rort, after it was revealed that the union had bodged its numbers to get more sway in the Labor Party.

A million dollar ad campaign has not been enough to convince WA teachers that the state’s new school funding model is a good idea.

Rolling strikes for Catholic teachers started this week in New South Wales, with staff at schools across the state angry at attempt to erode their working conditions.

The NRMA says there is $1 billion worth of roadwork in store just to bring roads on the north cost of NSW up to standard.

Australia is missing the opportunity for billions of dollars in revenue, thousands of jobs and a better life for many citizens by ignoring one single industry.

The Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance has identified dozens of assets that could be sold, and promises the money will be re-invested.

The Tasmanian Government has signed off on a 12-month wage freeze for public servants, and said it will limit future increases.

The Australian Institute of Marine Science says the Queensland and Federal Governments are hiding the declining state of the Great Barrier Reef.

Grants for more than $100 million worth of projects are flowing to almost 100 River Murray irrigation and industry projects.

ACT Health has confirmed two cases of lung cancer appear to be linked to asbestos insulation.

Dodgy bus shelter deals may be just the tip of the iceberg in state corruption inquiries.

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