An Australian economist says the federal budget crisis does not actually exist, but has been made up to sell broad government cuts.

Today is day two of a conference bringing local and state government workers together to improve the efforts of both.

The Queensland Premier’s incursions into the state’s legal system have caused some strong concern this week, as he moves to modify the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

The Palmer United Party has matured from a political curiosity into a proper powerhouse, picking up new members and continuing to annoy the established factions.

The world's biggest coal port has been sold for $1.75 billion, but residents of the city it serves may have been short-changed.

The South Australian Government is calling for change in the way penalties are paid after workplace injury and death.

Perth is considering allowing motorists to turn left at red lights, a rule that Brisbane has allowed but Sydney and Adelaide are looking at removing.

A major toll road builder is sinking its teeth into new infrastructure availabilities.

The Northern Territory Education Minister has toured a number of remote schools in Queensland to learn about a new education strategy.

A native title agreement has been signed to allow deepwater port to go-ahead in WA.

Studies have suggested that false economies are being created to argue in favour of Perth’s local government amalgamation.

The state-owned company responsible for 70 kilometres of Queensland toll roads, bridges and infrastructure has been sold to private interests.

Primary school students will be encouraged to assess their place in the universe, the nature of existence and the morality of human behaviour, when some Victorian school introduce ethics classes this year.

Adelaide’s water bills are officially “the highest of all comparable Australian water utilities”, and a new report blames the SA government.

The New South Wales State Water department has embarked on an overhaul of its IT systems, bringing cohesion to improve services for its 6300 licensed water users.

A plan to sell one state’s power poles and cables has already prompted parties to claim a share of the hypothetical profits.

The Victorian Health Department has put out its list of concerns about the multi-billion-dollar East West link in Melbourne.

Clean energy companies say the threat of changes to the renewable target scheme is spooking investors.

The City of Perth is looking at bringing back laws to make begging a crime, as numbers on the street increase.

Police have implicated some Queensland Government employees in a black market drug syndicate spanning the east coast.

State, federal and local government authorities have toured cyclone-hit regions of north Queensland in the wake of the weekend deluge, with funding packages announced and rolling-out for thousands of residents.

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