The Northern Territory Government is considering scrapping a scheme which provides sport and health education to girls, causing deep concern from advocates.

A round-up of figures from the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has tracked educational progress across the states, showing room for improvement in several classes.

The Western Australian Premier still intends to shut several schools, but has put off revealing which will go until next year at least.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has been engaged in a light scuffle on his way into Victoria’s Parliament House.

Nationwide productivity has increased, but the public sector cannot match the private sector’s confidence, a new report says.

There will be no money awarded to the public servant who made a claim for injuries sustained during sexual intercourse on a work trip.

A public servant who was sacked for airing opinions criticising her department has changed strategy in her fight for justice.

Marriage equality laws have been introduced to the New South Wales Parliament, as the ACT fights to protect the same newly-enshrined right.

The Australian Electoral Commission has today confirmed it misplaced 1375 ballot forms, and has delayed announcing the complete make-up of the Western Australian Senate as a result.

There has been widespread criticism of a proposal to move Centrelink’s front desk duties to Australia Post outlets, after the Treasurer confirmed it was an option.

The Queensland Mines Minister has unveiled new water-use procedures for the Fitzroy River which will see some famers spray their crops with water from CSG wells.

Reports this week have questioned what happened to the plan that would have seen Melbourne residents able to track public buses in real-time.

The Tasmanian Bus Association has put together its plan to tackle transport issues for an ageing and diversely located population.

Feedback has shown people feel safer on public transport when there are protective service officers (PSOs) around, but the overall perception is probably not what the police were aiming for.

A large number of respondents to a recent survey say governments should take a more active role in controlling food labels to improve public health, education and benefit the environment.

The Federal Government may take a lead from Western Australia in its attempt to improve mobile phone coverage in country Victoria.

Schools in New South Wales have seen the start of benefits from the multi-billion dollar education funding reforms installed by the previous federal government.

The Liberal Party in South Australia may be bringing the directives of its federal counterpart into state classrooms – cutting research in favour of business investment.

Debts and the fear of mismanagement has led to a large-scale spill of the executive board for several tourist resorts and centres in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

It seems the general public has taken up the habit of criticising public servants via social media, leading to suggestions workers need better online protection.

The Western Australian Opposition has joined the call from a rogue Liberal MP, who says the Government is filibustering itself by carrying on with no real legislation.

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