Brisbane Councillors will be sworn in again after an administrative bungle.

The city’s newly elected city councillors must take their oaths of office for a second time due to an oversight at their initial swearing-in ceremony. 

Colin Jensen, the council's chief executive, says the original declaration omitted a necessary reference to the code of conduct as required by the Local Government Act. 

“It is intended that the declaration of office will be undertaken over the phone with myself,” he said, to ensure that the process complies with legal standards.

Jensen has apologised for the inconvenience caused by what he referred to as an “administrative omission” and stressed the importance of rectifying the error promptly. “Whilst this is inconvenient, it is a necessary step to ensure that all decision making within the organisation is free from arguments around validity,” he wrote.

The error was first noticed by Labour Councillor Charles Strunk, leading to a broader review of the ceremony's proceedings. 

The council will convene again this week to reassign roles such as deputy mayor and committee chairs.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner expressed his disappointment, describing the oversight as “an inexcusable mistake”. 

Opposition Leader Jared Cassidy also voiced frustration, especially given the ceremony's significance to new councillors and their families. 

This incident comes shortly after the local government elections on March 16, which saw the LNP, led by Schrinner, maintain control of the council.