Victoria’s public servants are pushing for extra reproductive leave.

Victoria's public servants are gearing up for a crucial vote on a fresh pay agreement that could see significant enhancements to their leave entitlements. 

Under the new proposal, female workers are set to receive an additional five days of reproductive leave, a move designed to support them through various stages including IVF treatments, period pain, and menopause.

The four-year wage deal includes annual pay increases of 3 per cent as per the government's limits, a $5,600 cost-of-living bonus, and a special $1,000 bonus for shift workers. 

“All the agency-specific appendix negotiations will have to be concluded now within four weeks to finalise agreement drafting and receive final approval prior to a ballot of all VPS employees,” says Karen Batt, Secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union's Victorian branch.

Premier Jacinta Allan has noted the importance of the proposed reproductive leave, saying; “It’s a recognition that, at particular points in women’s lives, they need support to be able to fully participate in the workforce”, describing the extra support as “the right thing to do”.

The proposed deal also includes initiatives like a joint feasibility study and working group to examine new working models, following the union's request for a trial of a four-day working week. 

This proposal, among others, remains a topic of negotiation in ongoing pay disputes involving paramedics, police, firefighters, and regional train staff across the state.

Last year, the union had pushed for a 20 per cent wage increase over the same period, advocating for a more flexible work environment and improved benefits such as a jump to 17 per cent in superannuation contributions, under their proposed 100-80-100 model. This would allow employees to work 80 per cent of the hours for 100 per cent of the pay and maintain full productivity.

A vote on the new deal is expected soon.