The Queensland Government has announced plans to abolish Queensland Health in a bid to create a ‘new beginning’ in health services in the state.


Under the plan, Queensland Health will be separated into two entities:


  1. A Hospitals and Health Care Agency (delivering through front line health networks) to focus on managing the hospital system, continuing Queensland’s record breaking waiting list reductions and delivering more services for Queenslanders
  2. A Health Services Support Agency to provide corporate services including finance, HR and ICT.


Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the theft of $16 million from the agencies coffers was the final chapter in the life of the ailing agency. Ms Bligh commented on the seemingly irreparable organisation. 


“For some time now the administration of Queensland Health has been suffering because the current organisation is just too big.


“We have done everything possible to turn this ship around. We have doubled the budget, implemented every reform and accepted every recommendation of a Commission of Inquiry and extensive reviews.


Ms Bligh was quick to downplay any fears of job cuts in the state’s health sector.


“There are thousands of good people in Queensland Health who work hard, who want to do a good job and who want to serve the people of this State. They have nothing to fear. Their jobs are safe and they can look forward to stronger leadership and more satisfying jobs.