State police forces are looking cross-border for new recruits. 

Australia's state police forces are facing a significant shortage of officers, with all states except Tasmania calling for more personnel. 

The shortfall is believed to exceed 4,000 officers, forcing several states to actively recruit police from overseas.

New South Wales Police reports a deficit of about 1,500 officers, while Victoria and Queensland each have around 800 vacancies. South Australia is aiming to add 900 officers by 2026, and the Northern Territory is approximately 200 officers short.

Western Australia has launched an ambitious plan to recruit 750 international officers over five years. 

Since starting their international drive in 2023, they have received over 1,700 applications and have processed several visas, although they have encountered some difficulties with visa issues.

Queensland Police Service is also looking abroad, with plans to integrate 500 international officers over the next five years. 

They are offering financial incentives, including a $20,000 bonus split across the first year to attract recruits from the UK and Canada.

Victoria Police is taking a slightly different approach by focusing on accommodating recruits in regional areas, reducing the time they are away from family. 

The state says it has seen a significant increase in applications, particularly among younger prospects, with a 65 per cent rise in the 18-21 age bracket over the last six months.

Meanwhile, NSW Police is enticing new recruits with a $30,000 payment during their 16-week training at the Goulburn Police Academy, aiming to attract a more diverse range of applicants.