Union members have overwhelmingly rejected the NT Police’s EBA offer.

Public hospital doctors in South Australia have walked off the job amid a dispute with the state government over pay and conditions.

While the Federal Government continues its decentralisation push, over 1,800 staff have been cut in regional areas.

A large-scale review has found the NDIS will be rolled out late, and could rely on foreign workers.

Victoria is on the verge of achieving the ‘holy grail’ of 95 per cent immunisation.

The Federal Government has ordered assessments of a plan to allow four-wheel-drive tracks along Tasmania’s heritage-listed north-west coast.

The WA Government could give private companies access to the state’s land sales data in an effort to repair the budget.

Queensland has introduced legislation to ban donations to local and state politicians from property developers, but not unions.

There is a standoff occurring over the cost of mitigating last year’s energy crisis in Tasmania.

The NSW Government is considering high-tech triple-0 service upgrades, but there are privacy concerns already.

The NSW Government will introduce new legislation to get around a land court ruling and keep the Springvale mine open.

Adani says it will soon start work on a rail link for its Carmichael coal mine, despite needing billions in finance.

South Australia has launched a new centre dedicated to training public sector ...

The Productivity Commission has recommended some tweaks to the GST formula, but ...

The NSW Government has been accused of weakening water laws to favour mining development.

A leaked letter suggests South Australia used 45 gigalitres of entitlement water as drinking water, rather than for the environment.

Federal emissions cuts are being counter-balanced by the costs of Queensland land-clearing.

Activists have covered a prized Picasso at the National Gallery of Victoria in a black veil to protest its contract with Wilson Security.

The Prime Minister is pushing the NSW Government to approve the controversial Narrabri gas project.

There has been a mixed response to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority's (MDBA) new water efficiency package.

The Snowy River system is about to receive a large top-up, but there are still concerns about its future.

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