Western Australia has secured $122 million in federal funding for housing in remote communities.

Protests across the nation have called on the Government to stop Adani’s Carmichael mine going ahead.

An NT court is hearing its first challenge to the approval of land clearing on the basis of climate change impacts.

A brand new corruption watchdog has already heard allegations of “real corruption” ...

The WA Government has announced it will build five new primary schools for Perth's expanding outer suburbs.

Unions say they are being inappropriately blocked from political campaigning in NSW.

Adani faces a new legal challenge over its plan to pump billions of litres of water ...

The Royal Flying Doctor Service will soon treat patients on advanced medical jets.

New South Wales will soon be home to a new breast milk bank.

Adani is rushing ahead on its Carmichael mine plans, but may soon be forced to wait.

Students across the country have gone on strike and held protests over the lack of political action to address climate change.

Teachers have walked off the job and swarmed South Australia’s Education Department ...

A bill to set up the ACT’s new integrity commission has been tabled.

A former Queensland Rail (QR) board member has unleashed in her resignation letter.

A former NSW police minister, now a councillor, has been caught with meth at a Queensland casino.

New South Wales residents could face higher electricity bills to pay for water projects.

A review has found climate change lawsuits against governments have had more success than those against fossil fuel companies.

The South Australian police force is facing charges over the “tragic” workplace death of a woman who was trapped in a freezer.

Queensland’s health minister has been referred to the state’s corruption commission ...

The NT Government is spending $1 million to address spending problems in the Health Department.

Western Australia has lifted most of its fracking ban.

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