Vickie Chapman has stood down as SA Deputy Premier. 

Ms Chapman is putting her role as South Australia's Deputy Premier and her ministerial positions aside, pending the outcome of an ombudsman's inquiry.

South Australia's parliament passed a vote of no confidence in Ms Chapman last week, after a parliamentary inquiry recommended she be found guilty of contempt of parliament for misleading the house.

Ms Chapman was also found to have had a conflict of interest in exercising her power as Planning Minister to refuse a port on Kangaroo Island.

The committee examined Ms Chapman's decision to block the development of a timber port on her native Kangaroo Island. She was found to have acted in a position of conflict of interest both actual and perceived in rejecting the port. Ms Chapman owned property that would have been impacted by the proposed port and had a pecuniary interest in the island's tourism industry, which may have been impacted too.

Ms Chapman says she has informed SA Premier Steven Marshall of her decision.

“I have advised the Premier that I will be stepping aside as Attorney-General and Minister for Planning and Local Government pending the outcome of the Ombudsman's inquiry,” she said.

“I will advise the House of Assembly party room that I will be standing down as the deputy leader.

“As the ombudsman reports to the Attorney-General, it is entirely appropriate to step aside for the duration of the inquiry.

“I welcome the independent ombudsman's inquiry, but it is important that I step aside to ensure there is no impediment to this process being undertaken.

“I do not wish in any way to compromise the ombudsman or his delegate to be able to undertake this inquiry.”

Ms Chapman maintains that she had no actual or perceived conflict of interest in the Kangaroo Island decision.