Driving Risk-Based Regulation



Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th February 2022


Regulators in Australia and New Zealand are actively exploring the shift to a risk-based approach; to prioritize effort in assisting compliance, and identifying and enforcing instances of non-compliance effectively. With risks constantly evolving, the right risk-based approach will play a critical role in ensuring timely and prompt action towards identified and emerging risks.

The Driving Risk-Based Regulation digital conference will bring together regulatory professionals, experts, and best practice case studies from a wide range of jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand, who are looking to discuss the challenges and opportunities of risk-based regulation.

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Key Takeaways

  • Tap into success stories & lessons learned by Regulators taking a risk-based regulatory approach
  • Understand how to effectively identify, define & address risk
  • Learn from regulators who have established a risk-based culture
  • Explore how risk-based regulation facilitates strong governance

Some of the industry experts joining us include

  • Carla Jago, Group Executive Director, Performance Audit Services Group, Australian National Audit Office
  • Catherine Myers, Former Chief Executive Officer, The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
  • Paul Salvati, Chief Operations Officer, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
  • Natasha Mann, Deputy Secretary Better Regulation Division and NSW Fair Trading Commissioner, Department of Customer Service NSW
  • Sue McCarrey, Chief Executive Officer, Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator
  • Sarah McDowell, Commissioner, Energy Safe Victoria
  • Suzy Neilan, Executive Director, Strategy, Environment Protection Authority VIC
  • And more…

Who should attend?

Federal, state and local government regulatory agencies, government departments & associations responsible for:

  • Risk
  • Strategy
  • Policy
  • Compliance
  • Regulation
  • Regulatory Practice
  • Regulatory Operations
  • Intelligence
  • Data Analytics

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