Diploma of Work Health and Safety


Manage your career in work health and safety

Take your knowledge and experience in workplace health and safety (WHS) and advance your career into a management role. Melbourne Polytechnic’s Diploma of Work Health and Safety will teach you to lead the way on safety in your workplace and make a meaningful impact on your industry. Over 100,000 people are injured at work in Australia each year and WHS managers can contribute to lowering the rate of injuries, illnesses and fatalities at work by designing, implementing and assessing workplace programs and policies that impact on the safety of the workplace, saving money, time and even lives.

Learn to be a safety leader

This is a hands-on course designed to turn you into a WHS leader ready to take on a management role. Learn to develop strategies and increase your understanding of risk management, hazard control and audits. Melbourne Polytechnic WHS instructors are experienced industry professionals who currently work in the WHS industry. You will build on your existing WHS skills and knowledge to manage, coordinate and maintain work health and safety programs within your workplace. You will also gain hands-on skills to implement and manage WHS systems and conduct WHS investigations and audits.

The qualification the industry wants

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Diploma of Work Health and Safety is a widely-recognised qualification that can pave the way to a senior role in a wide variety of organisations. Most industries in Australia recognise the need to comply with WHS legislation and value formal qualifications for those in dedicated WHS roles. Graduates can start building a career as a leader in WHS and compliance, working in management and supervisory roles, or as a senior OHS officer or consultant.


Where will this take me

On completion, you may gain employment as an enterprise based WHS manager, coordinator and/or advisor. This qualification or specific units of competency may satisfy some requirements for WHS skilled and practising advisors. Persons seeking certification should check the requirements with certifying bodies
  • WHS Officer
  • WHS Coordinator
  • Senior WHS Officer
  • Senior WHS Consultant
  • WHS Manager


After achieving the Diploma of Work Health and Safety you may undertake the Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety, a qualification designed for WHS or human resources practitioners who apply advanced practical knowledge to coordinate, facilitate and maintain the work health and safety program in one or more fields of work in an organisation.

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