Queensland will go to the polls for local council elections on March 28, the first for many since revelations of widespread council corruption.

The major mining lobby has backed a giant solar farm in the NT.

The NSW Government has given the green light to irrigators to harvest rainfall, angering downstream residents.

The Queensland Government has rushed amendments to allow work to reduce the height of the Paradise Dam.

The WA Government will soon be trucking drinking water into more than a dozen dry towns.

The Victorian Government is looking at turning old coal mines into lakes.

An interstate stoush is emerging between the New South Wales and Queensland Governments over irrigators extracting water from potential river flows.

A native title group in Western Australia has been awarded both native title recognition and a $450 million economic package in an Australian first.

Mining giant Adani has received a criminal conviction over “false or misleading” documents ...

A WA police report on fines has raised concerns about racist treatment of some drivers.

The NSW Government has cut short an inquiry into potentially illegal strip searches conducted on minors.

Shark drum lines are making a return to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Indigenous groups do not want the West Australian Government to open up the Fitzroy River to large-scale irrigation.

New South Wales will increase fossil fuel activities in exchange for emissions-reduction money.

South Australia’s Liberal government is pushing for a quicker energy transition and increased emissions reductions.

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