South-eastern Australia won’t need any more generators for at least 10 years, according to new analysis.

Extra GST money allocated for Tasmania’s health system has not been spent they way it was meant.

Five Victorian TAFEs face a "significant decline" in finances, as cuts begin to strip the important training provider.

Some authorities say that the new West Australian school funding model will do the opposite of what evidence suggests it should.

Senator Nova Peris says all Australians need to push for constitutional recognition of Aboriginal people.

Public sector nurses will be paid to quit and sign on with a private employer, reports say.

Population experts say the amount of people living in regional and remote areas can be doubled with a few simple steps.

Some may be wondering what happened to a budding movement from a few months ago, when it appeared there would be a push to set up a federal corruption watchdog.

An ombudsmen’s report has detailed the dodgy practices at a state government water authority.

There is outrage over reports that one state government water body spent over $400,000 on some corporate advice.

The Queensland Government has successfully repealed the state's Wild Rivers Act - a move conservationists say will take a major toll on some of the world’s last free-flowing rivers.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) says it will investigate the risks that come with diesel fumes from coal ships.

A legal quirk has allowed a top-ranking public servant to refer to a Fairfax journalist as a “bottom feeder”.

A brand new ghost town has popped up in Melbourne, with the launch of a $109 million safety training centre.

A government research paper has shown mining has increased, but overall resource investment is still well down.

Research continues to show that indoor tanning is a bad idea.

High-flying businesspeople and fly-in, fly-out workers are being blamed for a spike in HIV infections across Western Australia.

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