The Federal Government has made it easier for councils to access funds from a $200 million pool for road safety projects.

The High Court has ruled that the Federal Government is not able to fund chaplains in schools, and that a $250 million effort to do so was not constitutionally valid.

The New South Wales Government has dropped a big surprise on its  people, announcing funds for a new dam as part of a new $325 million drought-proofing and water-saving scheme.

A project which has been saving masses of water since 1999 may be scrapped, as the current government blames the former government for its need to cut costs.

A bill allowing fire-fighters to access automatic compensation for work-linked cancers has passed the upper house in South Australia.

The New South Wales Planning Commission may change the way it assesses major mining projects, as complaints continue to pile up.

State and Federal funds will help build a multi-million-dollar plant to develop a new type of coal fuel for China.

Three new centres will help bring exciting Australian medical research into the real world, with over $19 million for a healthy future in New South Wales.

Education Department figures show a very rough rate of attendance across one state.

A former chief minister of the Northern Territory will lead the latest efforts to draw more economic value from the northern half of Australia.

The WA Government has removed a conflict of interest rule which local tgovenrment authorities say totally undermines the amalgamation process.

One expert has slammed the New South Wales Government’s plan for a partial sale of the electricity network.

A private member's bill is seeking to acknowledge Aboriginal people as the original and traditional custodians of Western Australia, which some say comes far too late.

Talks are touring regional areas to drum up support and ideas for a rail line form Brisbane to Melbourne.

A mystery has taken wing in Western Australia, after dozens of elite athletes went missing mid-race.

The Federal Government has released another green paper covering some ideas for development in the northern half of Australia.

Five large ports on the Queensland coast will receive even more special treatment, after the State Government named them in its new strategy document.

Queensland Government policy proposals hint at a plan to move large freight between the state’s ports, rather than on its roads.

The Ranger uranium mine in the Kakadu National Park has started again after gaining approval from authorities after a shut-down following a spill.

The Victorian building watchdog will crack down on union delegates' entries to work sites.

Future teachers in New South Wales will have to pass a literacy and numeracy test before they head back into the classroom.

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