The Reef Water Quality Protection Plan has been released by the Queensland Government. It says while much progress has been made to reduce farm chemical runoff, the Great Barrier Reef is still in dire straits.

The Prime Minister will keep his predecessor’s “Captain’s pick” for Nova Peris to top NT Labor’s ballot.

The South Australian Council of Social Service says the state’s government should stop cutting off power and gas supplies for people who cannot afford them, as residents struggle with utility price increases.

Tasmania has signed on to the Federal Government’s national schools funding plan, leading to an announcement that the deal is past its tipping point and remaining states should get on board.

South Australia, Victoria and Queensland are all looking to get some plumbing work done, with tenders released for the construction and maintenance of wastewater systems in various states.

The Federal Government has released a new economic development plan stating any works with over $5 million in Government funds must provide employment opportunities for indigenous Australians.

The Queensland Government is forging stronger ties with a nearby oceanic neighbour; the nation of Papua New Guinea.

The Queensland Government is rewarding its resource-gathering communities with the Royalties for the Regions initiative.

Kevin Rudd is on a war-path to stamp out corruption in the Labor party, starting in New South Wales.

Politicians are defending a push for more pay, with one MP saying higher salaries might draw better people to politics.

Victoria has announced it will ditch the requirement for registration stickers on cars, joining every other state and territory except Queensland.

A parliamentary committee in New South Wales as heard commercial interests are more important than the environment, in the allocation of water.

An Industrial Relations inquiry has been called in NSW after revelations of a troubling irony; WorkCover NSW may be rife with workplace bullying.

Businesses can now meet with a WorkCover NSW inspector after hours to get a run-down on staying safe in the workplace.

The New South Wales Minerals Council has warned of massive possible job losses, if the state's mining industry continues to accept approval delays of twelve months or more.

Unwise water wastage is the enemy of the state of Victoria, with a new billing scheme to punish those who don’t keep a cap on water use.

Victoria has smartened up its online system for managing ICT procurements. The eServices Register will now help connect providers and buyers of ICT services with Government contracts and each other.

Queensland Work Safety authorities are looking for feedback on their recent leadership programs and would like responses from any industry groups or members.

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