Territory Labor delegates have voted in favour of a ban on fracking.

The WA Government says it wants to position the state at the centre of the booming lithium industry.

An inquiry has been launched into concerns that a Chinese program in NSW schools could expose students to propaganda.

The Federal Budget has made the school chaplains program permanent.

An infrastructure lobby says the “big spending” infrastructure budget will actually see a reduction of about $2 billion.

Queensland Parliament has passed a bill to limit land-clearing.

The AMA says doctors are being “muzzled” in the public system.

Victorian taxpayers will cover more election campaign costs after a donations shakeup announced this week.

Labor and the Coalition appear to have reached agreement on proposed MDBP amendments.

NT WorkSafe has charged a government department over the death of a Darwin musician.

Over 1,000 Queensland businesses have been “illegally overcharged” by Ergon.

New South Wales has called for NAPLAN testing to be scrapped.

A royal commissioner has questioned the legality of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Queensland will pay $30 million to settle a class action over the 2004 Palm Island riots ...

It has cost over $15 million to get rid of some of WA’s highest paid bureaucrats.

The Tasmanian Government has given up its plan to take over TasWater.

Queensland has become the third state to commit to a national redress scheme for survivors of sexual abuse in government-run institutions.

An expansion of waste-to-energy projects is on the way, but experts say we cannot burn out problems away.

The new Gonski report says Australia's school curriculum should be changed to focus to individual student achievements.

New South Wales paramedics face dozens of assaults each year ...

Local government lobbies say China’s ban on imports of recyclable waste should be used as an opportunity for change.

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