The National Water Commission has issued a landmark report urging Australian governments to overhaul the way urban water supplies are managed.

The Urban water in Australia: future directions report has found that arrangements for managing water in the towns and cities are inadequate and have led governments to make "panic" decisions - including to build "very expensive" energy-guzzling desalination plants - while paying little attention to the costs imposed on consumers and taxpayers.

The report also concludes that, while Australia's water quality has been good, urban water quality will be increasingly at risk from more frequent and severe algal blooms, bushfires, storms and floods.

The South Australian Premier's Awards have been held, showcasing excellence in the public sector.

The Northern Territory has called for applications from businesses and research organisations for the latest round of  the NT Research and Innovation Grants.

Queensland can expect coastal erosion and permanent inundation of coastal land as a result of a predicted 0.8 metre sea level rise by 2100, according to a new scientific report released by the Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence.

The Western Australian Government has announced that the new Department of Finance will be headed by Anne Nolan and will concentrate on revenue; management of government building projects; works and administration; and the Office of Shared Services when it splits from Treasury on July 1, 2011.

The Victorian Government has called for submissions to its Review of the 2010-11 Flood Warnings and Response, and is continuing a series of public meetings in flood affected towns during April and May.

The Victorian Auditor-General’s Office has released its report into whether the development of renewable energy has been facilitated effectively by the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC), Department of Primary Industries (DPI), Department of Business and Innovation (DBI) and Sustainability Victoria (SV).

Construction in the ACT is continuing to grow, with around $18 billion worth of projects currently planned or under way in the ACT according to the latest Canberra Construction Snapshot, released by the Chief Minister and Minister for Land and Property Services, Jon Stanhope.

A survey of IT experts by the University of Sydney has supported calls to halt the rollout of the NSW Clinical Information System FirstNet, with a review finding the system should be spearheaded by an IT-savvy clinician.

The Western Australian Government will offer its workers a new round of voluntary separations this year as part of its public sector reform program.

The Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry is calling on the Victorian Government to use its first State Budget to develop an Infrastructure Plan, prioritising projects that will help drive economic development and improve liveability.

The new leader-in-waiting of the Queensland opposition and Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, has announced that if elected Premier he will cut the size of the state’s public service and restructure some of its government departments in a bid to create savings for infrastructure investment.

The Federal Government has commissioned a review of the distribution of revenue from the Goods and Services Tax to the States and Territories.

Legislation enabling the creation of Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) in Western Australia has come into operation.

The Northern Territory Government has released its proposed changes to the Pastoral Land Act and details of the planned Native Vegetation Management Bill for comment.

The NSW Liberals & Nationals have announced a series of measures that, if elected, they will introduce to improved crime control in New South Wales.

ACT Health is developing a new ACT Primary Health Care Strategy which will follow from ACT Primary Health Care Strategy 2006-2009 to cover the years 2011-2014.

The ACT Government is to establish a panel of experts to support its proposed new background checking legislation for persons working with vulnerable people.

Victorian public servants are seeking a six per cent annual pay rise, a substantial increase on the Baillieu government's across-the-board offer of 2.5 per cent.

The new Gascoyne Regional Planning Committee has held its first meeting  in Carnarvon, WA, becoming the sixth Regional Planning Committee to be established by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).

The Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has announced a reshuffle of senior public servants that will result in new leadership of three departments: Premier and Cabinet, Local Government and Planning, and Public Works.

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